Todd’s BBI, Inc. consists of two divisions: pet treats and food manufacturing. Todd’s BBI has been in business, serving customers in Iowa and throughout the Midwest, since 1926. We have recently undergone a remodel of our Des Moines Food Manufacturing facility, and are proud to be one of the premier showrooms for several lines of meat processing equipment, as well as the many fine seasonings, spices, and custom blend products that we manufacture on site.

Food Manufacturing

Our HACCP program incorporates proactive and preventative control of raw materials, processing activities, and the overall processing environment. In other words, we give meticulous time and attention to every single aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring that our foods are of the absolute highest quality.

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Pet Products

If you’re looking to find the best pet treats on the market, look no further. Todd’s BBI is a powerhouse in the pet industry. We have combined two companies to manufacture state-of-the-art natural pet treats, such as our popular bully sticks, pork femurs, smoked knuckles and pig ears.

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Custom Packaging & Private Labeling

"Todd’s BBI can provide high quality private labeling and packaging for your company. We offer you years of experience and knowledgeable staff to assist you through the labeling and branding stage of your products. We will work with you to help you establish your packaging to suit your needs.”

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Why people choose us

Many individuals have been helped over the last 86 years to take a home recipe, and with Todd’s assistance, transform the products into very successful commercial products on retail shelves, hospital, restaurant, and institutional shelves. Todd’s has proven to be a very valuable partner in transforming ideas into profitable businesses.

Security and safety in food manufacturing has become so much more of a concern for large commercial manufacturers and Todd’s BBI fills a demand that guarantees the safety and accuracy of the ingredients weighed to exact batch sizes each and every time. All of this and a considerable cost savings as well!

Todd’s BBI guaranteed products have continued throughout the years to win awards at numerous state, national, and international competitions.

Private Label Kosher Certified Plant
AIB Certified Plant
Organic Certified Plant
Meat Processing Equipment Dealer

Get in touch with us

We encourage you to send us a message with your needs.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.  Please allow 48 hours for a response.  Thank you for your interest in Todd's BBI Inc.