1. A very successful and growing restaurant group had secretly became the envy of a competitor who desired to leam the proprietary recipes for their high quality seasonings and sauces. They sent one of their trusted employees for a nice incentive bonus to apply and get employment at the competitor’s business. After a period of time, the opportunity did in fact arrive for the rogue infiltrator to obtain pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, and specialty seasoned sandwich recipes. He then left to go back to the original employer and begin to offer the same high quality foods. Since this tragic occurrence and after thousands of dollars spent with attorneys and court costs, the restaurant group has grown further and the intruding restaurant group in out of business. All of the successful restaurant group’s recipes are now in the safe hands of Todd’s BBI and their employees who are under private contracts. No one within the restaurant’s employment have access to proprietary information anymore and the quality and consistency of all of their offerings has improved further.

2. A factory worker came into Todd’s BBI retail store at our plant and was helped with seasonings, recipe, and preparation directions so he could make his own high quality bratwurst at home in his family kitchen. He used very small hobby tools, followed our advice, and smoked his bratwurst in their kitchen oven. His family congratulated him on the product and he now makes a number of other quality products at home. A number of years ago, he entered the smoked bratwurst class at the local state fair competition and won first place against all of the professional meat plants that were entered in the class. He has had the same success with other contests since then as well.

3. Many individuals have been helped over the last 91 years to take a home recipe and with Todd’s assistance transform the products into very successful commercial products on retail shelves, hospital, restaurant, and institutional shelves. Todd’s has proven to be a very valuable partner in transforming ideas into profitable businesses.

4. Security and safety in food manufacturing has become so much more of a concern for large commercial manufacturers and Todd’s BBI fills a demand that guarantees the safety and accuracy of the ingredients weighed to exact batch sizes each and every time. All of this and a considerable cost savings as well!

5. Todd’s BBI guaranteed products have continued throughout the years to win awards at numerous state, national, and international competitions.