Industries Served

Industries Served:  Have you ever been to a store and been overwhelmed by the selection of products? Like, “I only needed milk, but these chocolate covered caramels look delicious!” With everything we do at Todd’s, it can be a bit like that. To try and make things a bit more simple, we have separated our divisions in the Industries Served menu.

Our biggest separation is Food and Pet. Todd’s co-packs ingredients for human consumption in a dry ingredient facility, as well as bottles liquids for human consumption in a separate hot and cold fill facility. In our third facility, Todd’s manufactures and packs 100% Natural dog chews for your pets.

The Food Industry:  Todd’s co-packs ingredients in bulk or single use for convenience to chefs and cooks in food service. This helps them deliver a consistent taste, without sacrificing quality.  We also have industrial equipment that will help mix those ingredients into the food that we all enjoy.  In addition to packaging ingredients for restaurants and other companies, Todd’s has a variety of blends of our own. Olde Smokehouse is a line of Hunter Seasoning Kits that Hunters/Hobbyists can use to make their own Jerkys, Summer Sausage, and Bologna as well as many other favorite recipes. Big Rayz is a line of meat seasonings for your BBQ enjoyment, as well as a selection of Bloody Mary Mixes. The last one to mention here is Papa Joe’s, which is a line of Italian products that is easy on the stomach for those who deal with acid re-flux issues.

The Pet Industry:  Todd’s BBI (BBI stands for Bone Brokers International) co-packs all natural chews for dogs.  These products are all natural, and sourced from both North and South America. Products from the USA will have an American Flag on the label.  Our house brand is Buddy’s.  To see all the products we offer, both branded and private label, visit