If you’re a hunter and enjoy seasoning your own harvest, or a commercial meat processor, then Todd’s has a line of products to help you take your meat to the next level. We offer recipes, casings, bags, equipment and even seasonings such as Rullepolse, Deer Sausage Salami, Italian Cotto Salami and Landjaeger complete. For those who like to balance the savory with the sweet, we highly recommend our Golden Sugar Cure, which has won numerous awards at the world famous Iowa State Fair. With our diverse, mouthwatering product line, your possibilities are virtually limitless. You can browse Todd’s Pantry here!

Working in close collaboration with some of the nation’s leading brands, we are a private-label food manufacturer, established in 1926. We work diligently to protect your corporate images and secret recipes. We ensure that your signature products make a mark in a broad array of fresh categories. We make use of only the freshest ingredients from select resources to maintain quality throughout the manufacturing and packaging process.

Our HACCP program incorporates proactive and preventative control of raw materials, processing activities, and the overall processing environment. In other words, we give meticulous time and attention to every single aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring that our foods are of the absolute highest quality.

At Todd’s, we are committed to ensuring the highest possible standards of food safety, quality and hygiene in our processing activities. To achieve this, we systematically assess every step of the production process. As a private label food manufacturer, we have a legal, commercial and moral obligation to ensure that excellent standards of food hygiene are maintained. In order to maintain high standards, we require our supervisory staff and key personnel to undergo rigorous training, and we hold senior management accountable for fully understanding our food hygiene requirements and ensuring that everyone receives maximum training.

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