If you’re looking to find the best private label pet treats on the market, look no further. Todd’s BBI is a powerhouse in the pet industry. We have combined two companies to manufacture state-of-the-art natural pet treats, such as our popular bully sticks, pork femurs, smoked knuckles and pig ears. We specialize in American-made and American-sourced products, the fastest growing segment of the pet industry, available for personal as well as private-label use.

Best of all, our natural products provide a healthy lifestyle for all dogs, giving them strength and agility, and promoting longevity. For instance, our bison bones contain less fat than alternative products, and are a great option for dogs with allergies.


With a diverse product line that includes beef bones, bully sticks, ears, rawhide, pork, buffalo, lamb, chicken, turkey and Himalayan yak cheese, BBI is one of the most eclectic pet product providers on the market today.

Contact us today for your personal or private label pet treat needs. We will work directly with you to determine your needs and supply you with just the right products.


Bone Brokers International was started in 1996 as a wholesaler/importer of rawhide and natural bones. The goal was to form the company into a wholesale/manufacturer to allow small chain stores to access quality products under their own brand and to broker bones to manufacturers. Bone Brokers has sold recognized pet treat brands such as SAS, Bones Galore, Buddy’s Bones, Grandpa Louie’s, and Yippee to the pet industry through various distribution channels. Bone Broker’s was merged with Todd’s LTD in 2011, in order to increase the measures taken in quality control.

  At Todd’s BBI, we are committed to broadening the product range that is available to you, while offering private labeling and quality natural products. If you are interested in private labeling for pet products, allow us to supply you with profitable products to help you increase your sales. Natural products comprise the fastest growing segment in the pet industry today, and all of our pet products are natural and nutritious. If you would like to use our products with your own company logo branding, then give us a call today! Our team can help you with your labeling needs, and we will even quote you on your own private label pet treat ideas if we can provide them.